Monday 27 January 2020

CHC looking ham-fisted

It is now five weeks since the mass scuffle at the Monaghan-Kildare National Football League game at Clones and we are really no nearer to resolving the matter.

Friday night's ruling by the CHC to force Monaghan to play their next home game at a neutral venue looks to be on shaky ground. And this after the initial ruling to take a home game from them was overturned by the DRA.

Monaghan could not attend Friday night's hearing and sought a change. The meeting had first been fixed for Thursday night, but Monaghan agreed to a change to suit the CHC. The favour was not returned 24 hours later, which means Monaghan will almost certainly appeal again, and so the saga runs on.

The GAA is unhappy with how its disciplinary system is portrayed but how can it stand over this latest fiasco? At this stage, the rights and wrongs hardly matter. The whole thing just looks ham-fisted.

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