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Bray champ is looking forward to 'pure' fight


Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor and Delfine Persoon have come face to face for the first time since the Belgian stormed out of the ring in Madison Square Garden last year after losing on a majority decision to the unbeaten World lightweight champion.

Ahead of their second showdown in Essex tomorrow night the pair faced off at a press conference.

Neither betrayed any emotion though Persoon did cast an envious glance at Taylor's four World championship belts as they posed for photographs.

The pair were respectful to each other during the conference, which was conducted by Matchroom boss Eddie Hearn who described their New York clash as one of the greatest fights he has ever seen live.

Taylor suggested the re-match was the 'purest form of boxing'.

"Boxing in front of no crowd with all the belts on the line is the purest form of boxing you will ever see and that's what I love about this fight.


"You are not going to see a purer form of boxing than two champion fighters stepping up and taking a huge risk in front of no crowd. It is absolutely incredible."

Hearn revealed that though Taylor was elated in the dressing room after becoming the undisputed lightweight champion in June 2019 she wasn't quite satisfied that many pundits felt she didn't deserve the judges' majority decision.

Taylor declined to elaborate merely remarking: "There will be criticism whether you win or lose a fight. So, I don't take too much notice of what people are saying outside the ring. I am prepared for whatever comes my way on Saturday and I'm sure Delfine is prepared as well. May the best boxer win.

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"I haven't really thought too much about boxing before no crowd or whether it will be an advantage or disadvantage. I am going to go in and try and produce a great performance.

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