Wednesday 16 October 2019

Delfine Persoon says Katie Taylor 'doesn't have guts to fight me in Belgium' as €300k rematch offer revealed

Persoon: "I landed more punches than she did." Photo: Reuters/Andrew Couldridge

Seán McGoldrick

The defeated Delfine Persoon insists she did not deserve to lose Saturday's world title unification fight to Katie Taylor, as she broke her silence for the first time since the Madison Square Garden bout.

The Belgian lost a controversial majority 2-0 decision against the Bray fighter in their showdown and now wants any rematch to take place within the next five months, but has also admitted she is "not banking on it happening" at all.

"It wasn't pretty to lose my belt like that. If you lose you lose, OK. But if you lose the way I did this is not correct. It is not an amateur fight, it is a pro fight and I didn't lose the pro fight. I landed more punches than she did," insisted Persoon, who surrendered her WBC world title belt to Taylor.

"I was sure when the final bell sounded that I had won the fight. I respect Katie and if she looks back at the fight she will know that she didn't win it. I want a rematch, but I want it within the next five months."

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She added: "It is not a rematch if it happens in two years' time. There is a lot of talk about the rematch, but I'm not banking on it happening."

The Belgians have optimistically offered Taylor €300,000 to travel to Belgium for a rematch, with Persoon raising the stakes by declaring: "I think she doesn't have the guts to come to Belgium for the fight."

However, there's little chance of a rematch taking place in her home country, with the 34-year-old, who returns to her day job today as an inspector with the Belgian Federal Police in Bruges, saying she is prepared to return to America.

"I am prepared to go to the United States again, but I think it would be better in England or Ireland for the supporters."

It remains to be seen whether Taylor v Persoon II will ever take place and it certainly won't happen this year, as the new undisputed champion is believed to have two fights against other opponents already tentatively agreed.

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