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Carl Frampton fully focused on Scott Quigg despite burglary

Carl Frampton reacts after knocking down Kiko Martinez during their IBF World Super Bantamweight Championship in September 2014
Carl Frampton reacts after knocking down Kiko Martinez during their IBF World Super Bantamweight Championship in September 2014

Carl Frampton is so excited about the prospect of fighting Scott Quigg that even a burglary at his home has failed to bother him.

The IBF super-bantamweight champion was in by himself on Friday evening when he wrongly dismissed a noise in his home in London - his family were still in his native Northern Ireland - went to bed and woke the next morning to find that some of his possessions had been stolen.

Far from feeling disheartened at the invasion of his privacy and the fact he could have been hurt to the extent his February 27 fight with Quigg may have been cancelled, Frampton insists all he can think about is his upcoming date at the Manchester Arena, where he plans to prove he is Britain's best at 122lbs.

"Friday night, we went to the pub to watch the Northern Ireland game," Frampton, 28, told Press Association Sport.

"I came back home, I was watching the stuff that was going on around France in the news, so I went to bed quite late. I was brushing my teeth and thought I heard my mate Steve coming in. I went down, called his name (but there was) no answer.

"There was a light on, I turned the light off, I just thought I was hearing things and went back to bed. The guy, I think, was hiding round the corner in the kitchen, and then he stole our TV, stole my bag - which was probably more expensive than the TV - and about £3.50 out of the coin jar as well.

"I'll learn from that. I'm (just) excited about this fight, they can say what they want, I've been after this fight for a long time.

"If I use my brain I can make this easy, it's about boxing ability. I could go in there and get rid of him and stand toe-to-toe and beat him that way, but that's giving him a chance. If I'm clever, this fight can be easy."

Frampton remains the favourite for the unification bout against the WBA champion, but Quigg - who is known for a dedication that has inspired him to travel in pursuit of the finest sparring and gyms - and his trainer Joe Gallagher claim that the world's leading boxing trainer expects him to win.

Quigg has visited Los Angeles' Wildcard Gym, run by Manny Pacquiao's coach Freddie Roach, and he and Gallagher insist not only has Frampton failed to impress the Wildcard regulars, but Roach told the Northern Irishman's manager Barry McGuigan that he predicted his fighter would lose.

"We were over there at the same time, me and Joe, it was after (Frampton's) last performance (a laboured win over Alejandro Gonzalez Jr in July)," said Quigg. "The way Barry (McGuigan) bangs the drum about him, everyone was expecting him to go and do a job on Gonzalez, who isn't really rated over there.

"When the fight happened there was a bit of 'what is Barry going on about?'"

Gallagher added: "They were all laughing about him struggling with Gonzalez. I think Barry asked for his opinion on who'd win between the two of them and Freddie went, 'well Scott Quigg'."

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