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'Ban drug cheats for life' - World boxing champion Carl Frampton says the book should be thrown at Maria Sharapova


Carl Frampton and (right) Maria Sharapova

Carl Frampton and (right) Maria Sharapova

Carl Frampton and (right) Maria Sharapova

Carl Frampton has said he has no sympathy for Maria Sharapova over her drugs test failure.

Sharapova stunned the tennis world by admitting she failed a test during January's Australian Open for the banned substance Meldonium, a drug which she said she had taken on medical advice for 10 years.

Sharapova accepted full responsibility for failing to read a notice sent to her in December by the World Anti-Doping Agency, which added the drug to its banned list this year because of fears that it was being used to enhance performances.

Speaking to the BBC, two-time world boxing champ Carl Frampton said he had no sympathy for Sharapova.

The Jackal said: "We need to be very stringent and strict with ourselves and to make mistakes, especially at the highest level, I don't know, I don't agree with it.

"Coming from a sport that I am in - where people can potentially lose their lives - I look at drug taking as a complete no-no.

"And if you fail a drug test - especially in my sport - you should be banned for life," the Belfast boxer said.

Frampton was in Manchester for a recording of the BBC's Question of Sport.

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