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Boxing: Duddy quits boxing after turning down $100,000 deal

John Duddy last night announced that he is retiring from boxing after turning down more than $100,000 to fight his Irish compatriot Andy Lee in March.

The battle of the Irish middleweights was scheduled to take place in Connecticut on the undercard of the Sergio Martinez versus Serhiy Dzinziruk bout on March 12.

But the Derry Destroyer released a statement last night confirming that he had retired after "a great deal of soul-searching".

"Continuing to fight would be the easy course of action," the statement continued. "I have been offered the opportunity to fight Andy Lee on HBO for a purse in excess of $100,000. This is not an opportunity that I cast aside lightly.

"For more than 20 years, I loved being a boxer. I still feel that it's an enormous honour to be a boxer. But I don't love it anymore."

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