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Bolt out to be 'living legend'

Triple Olympic champion Usain Bolt wants to "amaze" the world at London 2012 by running 9.4 seconds for the 100m and 19 seconds for the 200m.

Jamaican Bolt (25) is the reigning Olympic champion and world-record holder over both distances, with times of 9.58secs and 19.19secs.

"People are looking forward to me running 9.4, 19 seconds, anything that's amazing," Bolt said. "So I'm working as hard as possible so I can go as fast as possible."

Bolt added that more performances like the ones that earned him three gold medals at the 2008 Olympics, would make him "a living legend".


Motorsport chiefs were coming under renewed pressure last night from British politicians to cancel Sunday's controversial Bahrain Grand Prix.

As anti-government protests continued in the Gulf kingdom yesterday, Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn won support for a motion which "believes that the Formula One race will be used by the Bahrain government as an endorsement of its policies of suppression of dissent."

And MPs published an open letter urging Formula One's biggest sponsors to boycott this race.

"Should the Bahrain Grand Prix go ahead," the letter read, "the sport and its associates run the risk of looking greedy and out of touch with the reality of the situation.

"We are most alarmed that you see no grounds to sever your brand and save its reputation from a totalitarian regime."


Padraig Harrington certainly hit the target with an innovative bid to help a family member paralysed from the waist down in a car accident.

The Padraig Harrington Charitable Foundation raised more than $200,000 for his wife Caroline's cousin, Gerard Byrne, after the golfer wore branding of IdentityX, Clune Construction and Blarney.com over a three-week period including the Masters.

A percentage of sales by Blarney Woollen Mills in that time also went to the fund. "On behalf of the Foundation and my family, I'd like to thank most sincerely all who supported this important initiative," Harrington said.

"I'm very grateful," said Byrne. "It's been a very tough few months since my accident but this support has given my family a real boost and will be invaluable as we adjust to our new situation."

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