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'It's spiralled out of control' - Relay hero Phil Healy on becoming a viral sensation


The finish to end all finishes

The finish to end all finishes

The finish to end all finishes

The heroics of Phil Healy have been viewed over 350,000 times and she has been interviewed by international media outlets including the Washington Post.

The third year nursing student at UCC produced one of the most incredible comebacks you are ever likely to see to secure gold for her team in the women's 4x400m relay at the Irish Universities Athletics Association (IUAA) Championships on Saturday.

Her exploits were caught on camera and the clip of the race has gone global, much to Healy's astonishment.

"I hadn't even planned on doing the 4x400m, 20 minutes before the 4x400 I had just run the 200m final and then one of the girls on the UCC team came up to me and asked me would I be interested in doing the 4x400m," she told Breakfast republic on 2FM.

"I was like 'sure throw me into the last leg and take the baton and bring it home', no one had any idea of what placing we would be or if I'd be capable of actually finishing the 400m.

"I got the baton and my coach had told me to take it out hard because I might have to chase down a few people, but knowing me, I did the total opposite and went off easy.

"I was going down the back straight and feeling comfortable and DCU were in front of me, I went with her pace and at the top end with 200m to go I was so relaxed I could still hear Phelim on the mic over the stadium commentating on the race.

"With 200 to go I said 'Okay, I have it in my legs, I might as well go for it'... with 130 to go I was getting closer and closer and thought lets go for third, I got to third and was like second was close too, it was like total momentum and adrenalin taking me to the line and falling over the line."

Healy suffered no ill-effects from her post-race fall.

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"Just a few cuts and grazes  but I'm back flying," she added

"I got a bit of a face-smack but all is good."

On the attention the video has received: "It's spiralled out of control. There's been phonecalls from America, messages... it's crazy the coverage it's after getting."

Healy remains focused on her goal of making the European Championships this summer.

"The 100m and 200m have been my main aims always, I'll have the European seniors in Amsterdam this summer so i'll have to get qualification for that which is 23.60. I've ran 23.70 indoors, so hopefully I'll get that in the next few weeks."

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