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Apology and retraction

GAA Central Competitions Control Committee: Danny Murphy, Michael Delaney, John Prenty, Pat Fitzgerald, Fergal McGill, Patrick Doherty and Bernard Smith.

In Eugene McGee's article on Monday, August 15, 2011, headed 'DIRT ON THE SOLE OF THEIR SHOE' concerning the CCCC's decision concerning Wexford goalkeeper Anthony Masterson, it was incorrectly stated that the above-mentioned CCCC members were involved in deliberations which led to that decision. In fact, these CCCC members had no involvement whatsoever in such deliberations.

Messrs Murphy, Delaney, Prenty and Fitzgerald, CEOs of the provincial councils, are not involved at all in CCCC disciplinary matters. Messrs McGill, Doherty and Smith are only involved in such matters in an administrative capacity and have no deliberative role.

We are aware that many of the comments made in that article have caused deep hurt and distress to those concerned. These are people who strive to promote the GAA and who work tirelessly on its behalf. They are also committed to the application of the GAA Official Guide fairly and consistently.

We therefore now formally retract the comments insofar as they were directed at the above-named persons and unreservedly apologise to them for the deep hurt and distress caused by the content of our article.

Simon McAleese Solicitors

Irish Independent