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An edited version of Greg LeMond's open letter to Pat McQuaid


Greg Lemond. Photo: Getty Images

Greg Lemond. Photo: Getty Images

Greg Lemond. Photo: Getty Images

Can anyone help me out? I know this sounds kind of lame, but I am not well versed in social marketing. I would like to send a message to everyone that really loves cycling. I do not use Twitter and do not have an organised way of getting some of my own 'rage' out.

I want to tell the world of cycling to please join me in telling Pat McQuaid to f**k off and resign. Resign Pat if you love cycling. Resign, even if you hate the sport.

Pat, I thought you loved cycling? At one time you did and if you did love cycling please dig deep inside and remember that part of your life -- allow cycling to grow and flourish -- please! It is time to walk away. Walk away if you love cycling.

I would encourage anyone that loves cycling to donate and support Paul (Kimmage) in his fight against Pat and Hein Verbruggen and the UCI. Skip lunch and donate the amount that you would have spent towards that Sunday buffet towards changing the sport of cycling.

I donated money for Paul's defence, and I am willing to donate a lot more, but I would like to use it to lobby for dramatic change in cycling. The sport does not need Pat McQuaid or Hein Verbruggen -- if this sport is going to change, it is now. Not next year, not down the road, now! Now or never!

People that really care about cycling have the power to change cycling -- change it now by voicing your thoughts and donating money towards Paul Kimmage's defence (Paul, I want to encourage you to not spend the money that has been donated to your defence fund on defending yourself in Switzerland. In my case, a USA citizen, I couldn't care less if I lost the UCI's lawsuit. Use the money to lobby for real change).

If people really want to clean the sport of cycling up, all you have to do is put your money where your mouth is.

Don't buy a USA Cycling licence. Give up racing for a year, just long enough to put the UCI and USA cycling out of business. We can then start from scratch and let the real lovers in cycling direct where and how the sport of cycling will go.

Please make a difference.


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