Saturday 21 September 2019

World's most honest fan returns $25k worth of tickets printed in his name and delivered to his door - by mistake

Clare Cullen

A Reddit user has shared his story of receiving $25,000 worth of American Football tickets by mistake - made out in his name, with his account details on them.

Reddit user 'BardSTL' may be the most honest sports fan in the world.

The St. Louis' Rams ticket-holder was surprised last Thursday to receive a stack of tickets to the Rams' game against the Detroit Lions on December 13th.

He reports that the stack contained "a few hundred" tickets... "Good seats", he added. They were sent by priority mail, addressed to him and were printed with his account number.

"There was no letter of explanation or receipt, only my name on the address line and my account number on the ticket… really weird right?".

Updating the Reddit NFL community the next day, the user shared that he had returned the tickets to a "very grateful" ticket office.

He added that although he had not expected anything from them, "they were nice enough to offer myself and my two other friends a complimentary upgrade in our seats for this weeks 49ers game".

"I was also very happy to hear upon inquiring that whoever had made the mailing mistake had not been fired or disciplined at all. What a crazy couple of days!".

He had written the day before to apologise to all of the interested commenters that he was not selling the tickets.

"I'm sorry these are not for sale or to give away as much as I'd like to help... I am doing the right thing in getting these back to whoever they rightfully belong to".

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