Friday 19 January 2018

Advantage to Sharapova in dispute with Williams

Maria Sharapova attending a pre-Wimbledon party in London.
Maria Sharapova attending a pre-Wimbledon party in London.
Serena Williams has apologised to Maria Sharapova.

SERENA Williams and Maria  Sharapova appear intent  on annihilating each other  before Wimbledon has even  started.

 Williams sought yesterday  to broker a fragile truce,  claiming she had “never  intended” to drag Sharapova  into the unseemly contretemps,  a little too late given  her incendiary remarks to  ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine. 

The American said: “She  begins every interview with  ‘I’m so happy. I’m so lucky’. It’s  so boring. She’s still not going  to be invited to the cool parties.  And, hey, if she wants to  be with the guy with a black  heart, go for it.” 

The dark-hearted gentleman  in question was Bulgarian  player Gregor Dimitrov.  An affronted Maria, naturally,  returned fire, casting aspersions  upon Williams’  rumoured liaison with coach  Patrick Mouratoglou, who has  given no indication his own  marriage has ended. 

“If she wants to talk about  something personal, maybe  she should talk about her relationship  with her coach who  was married, who is getting a  divorce and has kids,” she shot  back, witheringly. 

So Williams, striding into a  packed auditorium for her  pre-tournament press conference  attempted a little emollience. 

“I talked to Maria,” she disclosed.  “I said, ‘I want to take  this moment just to pour out,  be open, and say that I’m very  sorry’.”

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