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Shock, horror - I did not enjoy live golf 'debut'


Rickie Fowler in action at the Irish Open

Rickie Fowler in action at the Irish Open


Rickie Fowler in action at the Irish Open

Is there a worse spectator sport than golf? On Sunday I made the trip to Royal County Down for my first live golf experience. I won't be doing it again.

My plan was to find Padraig Harrington and follow him, then Rickie Fowler - they are two of my favourite players.

By the time I found Harrington (it took me over half an hour) he had just finished the 15th, so I raced towards the 16th green to watch him and Fowler, who was in the next pairing.

I stood at the 16th hole on my tippy toes trying to get a view. I lost sight of their drives, couldn't see their second shots as they both missed the fairway and had an obstructed view of the green. Harrington, Fowler and Darren Clarke all birdied the hole but I only saw their putts.

I then decided to follow Fowler but found it difficult to see his shots as the crowd lining the fairway was three or four people deep. Of course following Fowler meant I missed Harrington and anyone else playing a few holes either side of him.

As Fowler parred the 18th I was on my way back to the bar in a bad mood to watch the live coverage. Imagine if it had been raining!

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