Monday 20 November 2017

Parents need to take vow of silence

Shouting nothing at your childrens' matches is counter-intuitive
Shouting nothing at your childrens' matches is counter-intuitive

Ger Gilroy

There was an initiative last weekend asking parents to be silent on the sideline of their children's games.

It's the type of grassroots movement that generates media coverage and deserves all our support, but it's also the type of movement destined to fail unless parents get radical about supporting it.

It's counter-intuitive to shout nothing at your kids' games – you want to shout encouragement and advice and let them know you're there as a supporter.

You want to be the one that your kid hears above all else.

You want to let the referee know you're watching them too and that the next time they make that mistake they'll feel the lash of your tongue.

You want that coach to know that you've given up your morning and won't watch any aul' sh**e. You want them to win. You want to win.

It's a slippery slope and you should shut up on the sidelines.

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