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Hopping on board the Deise Express


Shane Bennett, Waterford

Shane Bennett, Waterford

Shane Bennett, Waterford

Two years ago, after seeing them in early league action, I declared that I was hopping on the Clare bandwagon for the year. The bandwagon served me well; it brought me to the All-Ireland final in September with the Banner beating Cork after two classic finals.

Because I'm from a 'weaker' hurling county, I like to have a second team, one that will feature in the big games. This season I'm changing my allegiance to Waterford. I've been a Waterford fan before. I cheered Dan the Man, Ken McGrath, Tony Browne and Paul Flynn to Munster titles but sadly not the big one.

To a serial hurling team hopper, the word transition doesn't really wash. All my Waterford favourites retired and, being the fickle second-team supporter I am, I headed off cheering teams like Galway, Limerick and Clare.

The Deise are back though with an exciting young team mixed with experience. I'm predicting they will be the team of the summer. Five of the 2013 minors have broken through and with the experience of Moran, Brick, Connors and a fully-fit Brian O'Halloran, they look ready to challenge.

So I'm back jumping aboard the Waterford bandwagon. I hope I'm allowed on.

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