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Cash injection will soon swing balance back to English clubs


Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba

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Paul Pogba

The Premier League is on the cusp of a massive breakthrough, and anyone who has been to England recently knows why as soon as they use a cash machine.

While it's been fairly easy these past few weeks to compare the genius of Messi and Barcelona generally with the lumpen football being played by the best Premier League teams, it's wrong to assume that we're in a long-term pattern.

The strength of sterling means that this summer when the likes of Paul Pogba are weighing up the euros of PSG versus the Queen's shilling of Manchester United or City they're seeing a transformative impact on their bottom line.

There's a sluice of cash to come from the new television rights and allied to the strong pound this summer will be a bonanza for agents and players.

It means that the well meaning and earnest discussions of what's wrong with English football - particularly when it comes to the Champions League - are pointless.

English clubs should be able to buy that top tier of players who have gone elsewhere in recent seasons. The balance of power, as cyclical as it is, will swing back relatively soon.

This assumes intelligent design in the transfer market. Spurs, Liverpool, City, United and Chelsea have all had purchase anxiety while apparently sure-thing guaranteed gold-plated players chose to go to Madrid or PSG or Bayern.

That's the great intangible in predicting that things will be better but the days when United could just buy (or even rent) a Tevez to add to Rooney and Ronaldo may be about to return.

Not even the Premier League can screw that up, right?

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