Tuesday 20 February 2018

Off the Ball: Rebels face tough task trying to read Davy's mind

Clare boss Davy Fitgerald
Clare boss Davy Fitgerald

Diarmuid Lyng - Off the Ball

We all knew what Davy Fitz would do for the drawn All-Ireland final. The tactics had worked so well this summer. Patrick Donnellan was certain to be found hovering around the '45', hoovering up the breaking ball. Tony Kelly would drift out to midfield and JBM would have a plan to counteract it all. And Davy made fools of us all.

Reading Davy's mind is akin to asking a tree for the time. The answer exists in there, but to understand it you must be at the same vibration as the tree. To comprehend Davy, you must be at his vibration. And let's face it, he's the most interesting man in hurling at the moment because none of the rest of us are. He knows. And we don't.

What's crucial is that the Cork players think on their feet. React and do not stay in the reactive space, as they did a couple of weeks ago. Read what's happening, address it in unison and then put their own imprint on the game to upset Clare's. Davy's kept us guessing. Only Cork can provide the answer.


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