Monday 23 September 2019


John Comyn

Our international team goes into action this coming weekend when the first weekend of the Camrose Trophy series will be played in Wales.

Joining Tom Hanlon, John Carroll, Mark Moran and Donal MacAonghusa will be new caps Marcin Rudzinski and Ronan McMaugh.

A first outing as a team is a big test and it will be interesting to see how the new pair fit in with the other four.

We have Waterford Congress the same weekend at the Tower Hotel with the usual programme.

Entries to waterfordbridge

It's on then to the National men's and ladies pairs and teams championships at the Westgrove Hotel, Clane. Entries as usual to headquarters.

Here is a hand from the Master Pairs where you have to think with the E hand whether or not to keep S out of the auction.

Well you do have a four count so is there any reason to think S will bid.

Let us suppose it is a pass.

Well S will certainly bid with this hand, but how far will N go.

That will depend on W who has a good hand.

With that singleton I think S should try again.

Bidding (all not vul)

W N E S 1S P P X 2D 2H P 4H PPP


♠ 107654

♥ Q10852

♦ 73

♣ A


♠ AKQ32♠ 98

♥ -♥ J64

♦ QJ106♦ K984

♣ J873♣ 10964


♠ J

♥ AK973

♦ A52

♣ KQ52

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