Monday 19 March 2018

'Welcome to Ireland' - Conor McGregor describes 'actual fights' between him and his father

Conor McGregor speaking on ESPN
Conor McGregor speaking on ESPN Newsdesk Newsdesk

Conor McGregor has spoken about the blazing rows he used to have with his father after he quit plumbing to become and mixed-martial arts fighter.

McGregor, who will face Chad Mendes for the interim UFC featherweight title on July 11 in Las Vegas after Jose Aldo's defection, describes how he hated the plumbing trade and the turmoil it caused when he quit.

It was a brave decision to take for the youngster as he was heading into unchartered water for any Irish fighter.

"An Irishman had fought and won inside the octagon before, as far as my family was concerned, I left a safety net of a trade as a plumber to pursue a career in fighting," he told ESPN.

"I was telling them, 'trust me I'll do it', I told them by the time I'm 25-year-of-age I'll be a self-made millionaire through this game and my father laughed in my face at that time.

"It was a friendly situation but now I am 26 and I have achieved that goal. I might have been a year late but I still got to look him in the face and say I told you so."

McGregor described the moment when he told his family that his plumbing days were over.

"I told my father that there's not a hope in hell you are going to get me back on a building site again and he essentially said, 'we'll see about that' and we had many, many fights where he tried to get me back onto the building site. Although i might have lost the fights we had, essentially I won because I did not go back on that building site," he said

"They were actual fights.. we threw down. Welcome to Ireland, this is the way it is."

McGregor says that the last fight between the pair was the only fight he won: "One I did, he burst through the door and tried t come at me but I was training at that time, so I double-legged him and I ended up mounting him and I had him in a vulnerable position and that was probably the last time we fought .

"The power shifted in my favour at that moment."

Tony McGregor had a different version of events when he was asked about the same thing by last year.

“I remember the moment I knew he wasn’t going to be a plumber. It was a Monday morning, I went in to wake him up and I just remember him peering out from under his blanket and saying, ‘look, this isn’t for me’," he said.

“I knew I wasn’t going to get him to go back to the building site then and I just figured there was no point in fighting it. I just closed the door behind me and left him to his own devices. Little did I know he was probably thinking about his career in the UFC.

“He didn’t tell us originally that he was training MMA, he kind of kept that away from us. I knew nothing about the UFC at the time, I knew nothing about the career that he could possibly get out of it.”

Conor used the interview to reveal the moment he began to take his fighting seriously after he took a beating as a teenager over a girl.

"Growing up was a young kid I was the younger kid and I was after this girl... she was maybe 15, 16 years of age and her boyfriend was like 17, 18 years of age and him and his little crew were driving cars and everything and I was only the young kid," he said.

"I sneaked my way in there and I was with the girl. I was walking up the street one night and then the car pulled up in front of me and big load of them jumped out and whopped my ass and I just covered up in a ball and took my beating.

"After that moment, I said I'm really going to learn how to fight. so if anyone ever jumps out of car.. they will never do it again.

"I would clean four out pretty easily now."

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