Friday 17 January 2020

WATCH - Conor McGregor gets an awkward hug from Kanye West and slates all his doubters

The pair embrace after the fight. Photo: AP Photo/Isaac Brekken
The pair embrace after the fight. Photo: AP Photo/Isaac Brekken

Tom Rooney

If you’ve ever wondered what the immediate fallout is for combatants who have just endured a bruising prize fight, then check out this incredible footage the UFC have released from the aftermath of Conor McGregor’s victory over Nate Diaz.

What a battle it was. The main event of UFC 202 forced McGregor and Diaz to summon every once of resolve within them, as they laid waste to each other’s anatomy over 25 gruesome minutes.

After the bout, few dared call the result, and as both men paced the octagon eagerly awaiting the judge’s decision, each of them sought reassurance from their cormermen that enough had been done to get the nod.

McGregor and Diaz shared a classy exchange, before the Dubliner was elated by confirmation of his majority decision victory. Devastated, Diaz believes he’s been robbed.

The drama continues to unfold backstage as Diaz curses the loss with his teammates in the confines of their dressing room.

Conversely, McGregor embraces Kanye West, before bounding through the T-Mobile Arena on crutches bellowing triumphantly at all those who doubted him.

Coach John Kavanagh reminds us that, for all his bravado, Conor McGregor comes through when it matters most.

If that doesn’t sate your intrigue, then a brief but vivid recap of some of the most punishing blows landed over the course of the whole card certainly will.

McGregor and Diaz feature towards the end of the clip, which, in slow motion, reveals the impact of their clubbing strikes.

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