Wednesday 17 January 2018

Video: Jose Aldo seems pleased to be finished the UFC 189 World Tour and out of Dublin

UFC featherweight champion looks like a man who is pleased to be on his way back to Brazil after a gruelling UFC 189 World Tour which culminated in a raucous event at the Convention Centre in Dublin.

His challenger Conor McGregor was the man receiving all the plaudits from his adoring Irish fans yesterday.

Aldo, who has been calm when goaded by Dubliner McGregor during the tour, momentarily lost his cool after McGregor touched his neck during a radio interview earlier this week and after the appearance he told one of his trainers that McGregor has gone too far this time.

Where Aldo is from, somebody touching you without their permission is very much a no go.

“I’m going to punch this son of a b***h in the face,” said Aldo.

“The cocky son of a b***h grabbed my neck.”

He posted a video on Instagram as he departed Dublin and seems happy to be leaving the Irish capital.

He wrote: "The Tour is over and everything goes back to normal, the belt goes back home with me where it belongs.

"That clown can touch it and even buy a fake one, but he’ll never have the real thing! “I am the champion” "I’m the greatest”."

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