Tuesday 16 January 2018

'Take care of business with UFC and get in touch' - Floyd Mayweather wants McGregor fight to happen

Floyd Mayweather eager to fight Conor McGregor
Floyd Mayweather eager to fight Conor McGregor
Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

He had insisted he is happily retired, but Floyd Mayweather has sent a telling message to Conor McGregor: Sort out your issues with the UFC and let's get it on.

A report on Tuesday in the Sun gave a strong hint that Ireland’s UFC champion McGregor was close to securing a showdown with Mayweather, in what would be the most remarkable professional boxing debut in the history of the sport.

Mayweather moved to dismiss these suggestions late on Tuesday night, after posting a social message rejecting the report that the fight will be confirmed imminently.

But the American took to social media once more on Wednesday morning to say: "Listen, Conor McGregor, if you really want to get this fight done...take care of your business with the UFC and then have your people get in touch with my people."

It's the clearest indication yet that Mayweather is keen to step into the ring with McGregor.

Mayweather also told ESPN's Stephen A. Smith at Saturday's NBA game between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder that the two fighters are on the verge of an agreement.

"We're getting very, very close," the 39-year-old Mayweather told Smith.

While Mayweather is optimistic, he said that nothing is guaranteed until contracts are signed. No timetable was given for the prospective boxing match.

"Real people are having real discussions," Nevada State Athletic Commission chairman Anthony Marnell told ESPN on Tuesday, "I'm also telling you my opinion as the NSAC chairman that a lot of things need to get done in order to see something like this come together because there are so many parties that want to get their hands on the pot.

"Maybe it will get figured out, but it's going to be hard when everyone is declaring they want $100 million."

MMA journalist Ariel Helwani also suggested that McGregor's plan to fight Mayweather is starting to take shape.

"Act 1 of Conor's plan is half done.  1: clear up issue w/ NAC. 2: get boxing license in NV. 3. Strike deal w/ TMT. 4. Get UFC on board. Easy!" he tweeted.

McGregor’s withdrawal from a Q&A with fans in Dublin this week because of his visit to Las Vegas fuelled rumours that he was close to confirming his meeting with Mayweather.

The Sun had reported that a source from the Straight Blast Gym has confirmed that an agreement is in place for the fight to take place.

“Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have agreed a deal to fight and have both settled on their respective fees,” stated their source.

“The contract hasn’t officially been signed yet because of a third party hold-up but all the details have all been agreed on. The fight could even be announced within two weeks.”

Late last night, Mayweather dismissed this report.

“There seems to be several rumours floating around media recently however, let the record show, there hasn't been any deals made in regards to a fight between myself and any other fighters,” stated Mayweather.

“I am happily retired and enjoying life at this time. If any changes are to come, be sure that I will be the first to let the world know.”

There has been numerous rounds of verbal jostling between the pair on social media and McGregor stoked the flames yet again during the night when he wrote: "I am in Las Vegas. Floyd has retired on my arrival."

While this one is set to rumble on, it is abundantly clear that both fighters are taking steps to make it happen, and with the vasts amount of money at stake, it's a real possibility.






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