Sunday 17 November 2019

MMA child prodigy Nathan Kelly: I used to run around kicking kitchen presses, now I'll be bigger than Conor McGregor

Young, confident, world champion in waiting Nathan Kelly has revealed the secret to his success.

The 11-year-old shot to fame during the week when he told UFC chief Dana White to sign him up in front of a packed audience at the final leg of the UFC 189 World Tour to promote the Conor McGregor/Jose Aldo fight in June.

Speaking to, Nathan revealed how he used to dress up in karate gear, watch kung-fu movies and run around the house kicking the kitchen presses!

"I used to always watch kung fu movies, Bruce Lee movies, Jackie Chan and all that with my granddad and I used to run around with black pyjama bottoms and a white vest and just run around kicking the kitchen doors."

Nathan, who says he is going to be even better than McGregor in a few years, says that his cameo during the week was all his own work and that very few people knew about it beforehand.

"After that one little act it was just amazing. On radio shows, doing interviews, in the papers, it has just blown up.

"I had it rehearsed but no-one really knew about it. I was just up in my bedroom saying it to myself."

Nathan trains in the SBG Gym - as does McGregor - on the Naas Road so he is in no better place to learn his trade under the watchful eyes of coach John Kavanagh.

"I could see the pride in his (McGregor's) face, he was really happy, like super proud of me," added Nathan.

"It was really cool when I was up there. Just everyone chanting and everyone delighted and then Conor delighted and Dana laughing."

He has plenty of All Ireland medals to his name and possesses all the confidence that we see in McGregor.

"No doubt I am going to be (as good as McGregor).

"He started when he was 15 and I started when I was four. It’s 11 years in the difference so it’s 11 years of knowledge ahead," added Nathan.

"I believe that I am going to be better than Conor McGregor and I believe I am going to be better than anyone who steps inside that octagon."

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