Saturday 25 November 2017

'McGregor's all talk...There's only way one to shut him up' - UFC champion hits out 'The Notorious'

Tom Rooney

It’s no great secret that Conor McGregor has made a lengthy list of enemies while climbing the ranks of the UFC, and one by one they continue to publicly celebrate his loss to Nate Diaz.

If you were to closely examine everything 'The Notorious' has said over the last three years, it would quickly become apparent that he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to slinging insults at fellow fighters.

Regardless of weight class or indeed the possibility of ever facing them, the featherweight champion has never hesitated to tell his contemporaries just how much they pale in comparison to him.

In the early stages of his time with the promotion, the Dubliner tended to limit his gamesmanship for featherweight rivals such as Dustin Poirier, Chad Mendes, Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo.

After the winning the interim featherweight title, McGregor’s ambitions quickly grew and so did the scope of those he considered fair game.

At September’s Go Big press conference, it was lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos and then challenger Donald Cerrone who were told he could change their ‘bum lives’ and ensure a ‘red panty night’ in their respective households.

After being matched with Dos Anjos, McGregor pushed the Brazilian’s buttons as he had done with Jose Aldo; questioning his patriotism and making light of his religious beliefs.

In January, when accepting his Fighter of the Year award, the 27-year-old turned on Dos Anjos’ teammate, heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum, who had belatedly withdrawn from a scheduled title bout.

“At the MMA Awards, instead of talking about the award he won, he started talking about me, how I wasn't a real champion and then about Jon Jones,” Werdum told Portal Do Vale Tudo. “He said he would fight in all weight classes against anybody. There needs to be respect."

CITY OF COMMERCE, CA - MARCH 28: MMA fighter Fabrício Werdum arrives at BAMMA USA's Badbeat 12 professional MMA fights at Commerce Casino on March 28, 2014 in City of Commerce, California. (Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for BAMMA USA)

Dos Anjos, of course, also pulled out of the fight that could have seen McGregor become the first man to ever concurrently hold two titles, and Nate Diaz took his place.

McGregor and Diaz both gave a solid account of themselves in trading expletive laden rants in the brief build up but, just before their bout at UFC 196 last weekend, the SBG man claimed that he accounted for numbers 1—8 on the top 10 pound-for-pound list of fighters- dismissing stalwarts of the calibre of Jones and Demetrious Johnson.

While Jones and Johnson moderately gloated in the aftermath of McGregor’s chastening submission loss to Diaz, which was contested at 170 lbs, Aldo and Dos Anjos quickly took to social media to openly mock the former plumber.

Werdum insisted that McGregor bite off more than he could chew in meeting Diaz a full two weight classes up from featherweight and, while his bombast was initially amusing, that time has long since past.

"He started his career well, promoting himself, making money and selling fights. Then he went in over his head. He could have stayed in his weight class, real quiet. But he decided to show his weakness to the world. "It's very rare for me to wish for someone to lose, but it's what I felt and I wanted to share with my fans."

Werdum went on to echo the increasingly loud refrain that McGregor’s grappling is a glaring shortcoming in his game and, furthermore, that he is not well regarded by MMA 's old gurad.

“He has no ground game. He's all talk. He was already exposed against Chad Mendes. There's only one way to shut him up -- by beating him, and even then he will run his mouth. He got here yesterday and is already disrespecting the old school guys. So of course fighters don't like him. I'm sure I speak for many fighters, because he disrespects our community."

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