Tuesday 23 January 2018

Jose Aldo's was misinterpreted by translator after being KO-ed by Conor McGregor... here's what he ACTUALLY said

Jose Aldo walks across the Octagon after losing to Conor McGregor in their featherweight title fight during UFC 194
Jose Aldo walks across the Octagon after losing to Conor McGregor in their featherweight title fight during UFC 194

Jack de Menezes

Jose Aldo’s translator has come under fire for misquoting the former UFC featherweight champion in the aftermath of his 13-second defeat to Conor McGregor at UFC 194.

Aldo was booed during the post-fight interview after it was made apparent that the Brazilian was bitter over his first round loss, which saw him defeated for the first time in the Octagon and meant that McGregor delivered on his promise to win the featherweight title.

Being interviewed afterwards by UFC presenter Joe Rogan, Aldo was asked: “Jose, how much, if any, of the fight can you remember?”

Aldo’s response, via his interpreter, claimed that there needed to be a rematch as the fight was not a true one.

He threw a cross on my chest, which I wasn’t expecting, then I threw a punch and he came back with another cross and that was that,” said the translator.

“I think we need the rematch. That was really not a fight so we need to get back in here.”

Rogan fired back at Aldo, saying: “It was certainly a fight, it was just a fight that happened and ended very quickly.”

However, it was soon made clear that Aldo had actually been far more magnanimous in defeat, and he praised McGregor for his punch that knocked him unconscious and ended the fight in record time.

Aldo actually said: “He threw a jab on my chest, I was already expecting that. When I went to attack him he hit me with a good cross and there is where he got me. I believe that after this fight we have to go for a rematch, it is not done yet. He got me with a good shot and was able to finish the fight.”

Rogan took to Twitter afterwards to apologise to Aldo, although he could not be blamed for the translator’s error.

“Thank you for the translation. My apologies to @josealdojunior for the confusion. Nothing but respect for Aldo,” wrote Rogan.

The translator also misquoted Aldo later on in the press conference, with Rogan asking him: “How much of all of his taunting and all of the insults, how much did that affect you and what was it like to be disrespected like that?”

Aldo’s alleged response was: “It didn’t affect me at all. I really don’t care what he says and we’re going to have to come back here. It’s on to the next at this point.”

While the translator did not take Aldo’s response out of context, he left out a large chunk of what was said. Aldo’s actual response was: “It didn’t affect me in anything. Whatever he said it doesn’t matter, I don’t fall for provocations.

“My mind is always calm inside there, I try to just get in there and do my job.

“He was happy today, caught me with a good blow. I think we have to move on now and now I am waiting for a rematch and God willing next time I will be back much better trained and recover what is mine.”

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