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John Kavanagh urges fans to side with McGregor in UFC dispute if they want to see him at UFC 200


John Kavanagh with Conor McGregor; Sportsfile

John Kavanagh with Conor McGregor; Sportsfile

John Kavanagh with Conor McGregor; Sportsfile

After Conor McGregor released a statement emphatically confirming that he has not retired, his coach John Kavanagh issued a rallying call to his fans to try and convince the UFC top brass to put him back on the UFC 200 card.

McGregor's fight was initially shelved after he allegedly wouldn't fulfill media commitments to promote his rematch with Nate Diaz, instead wishing to concentrate on his training. McGregor shed further light on his thinking in a lengthy Facebook post this afternoon, saying that it 'is time to go back and live the life that got me this life' and that he wants to eschew pre-fight publicity in favour of a focused preparation.

The Dubliner says that while he doesn't want to participate in a lengthy promotional tour, he is willing to fly to New York for the big fight press conference.

It remains to be see whether that is an acceptable compromise for UFC President Dana White.

After McGregor released his statement, his trainer John Kavanagh urged fans to 'make some noise' if they want to see the Notorious fight at UFC 200. For the Notorious to be put back on the card, it appears that White would need to make an exception for McGregor, something that the MMA powerbroker yesterday said he was unwilling to do.

Nevertheless, Kavanagh wants fans to show that they would rather see his fighter compete at UFC 200 than sit through a myriad of promotional videos.



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