Thursday 22 March 2018

'Its legalised GBH for Neanderthal morons' - George Hook dismisses UFC as 'pandering' blood sport

George Hook
George Hook

David Kearns

Legendary rugby pundit George Hook has dismissed the upcoming Vegas UFC showdown between Conor Mcgregor and Jose Aldo as “pandering" to those interested in seeing blood.

Accusing the bout of encouraging  “the lowest part of the human experience”, the Newstalk host told ‘The Right Hook’ listeners that mix-martial art sports such as UFC were for people who wanted to see others “hurt”.

“They banned bear baiting in medieval towns, then they banned cock fighting, then bulldogs chasing bulls and after that bare knuckle boxing…” said the Corkman earlier this afternoon.

“And there's UFC – a thing that panders to the lowest part of the human experience.”

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Speaking to his guest Oisin Langan, Hook said there was an issue in modern sports which had lead it to become “base”.

“[It now] panders to that instinct that wants to see blood… and I think that’s very sad.”

Hook went on to say that even the Romans would not allow modern day Rugby Union to be played in the Colosseum - adding that throwing “Christians to the lions” would be less brutal.

“Nero wouldn’t have allowed it,” he said referencing the notorious Roman Emperor who was accused of extensively torturing and executing Christians.

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Standing up for UFC, Off the Ball presenter Langan said that “no one was being forced” to watch the sport, and that all sporting competitions tapped into “base human desires”.

“What is wrong with pandering? It is a combat sports. No one is forcing anyone to watch it,” he said.

Reading out messages of support for his viewpoint, Hook said he “couldn’t agree more” with one comment which said UFC was “nothing more than legalised GBH for Neanderthal morons”.

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Conor Mcgregor will fight Jose Aldo in a featherweight title unification bout at UFC 194 in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Already thousands of Irish fans have flown out to the desert city to be ringside for the fight.

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