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'I'm dressed like El Chapo in his prime' - Conor McGregor berates Rafael Do Anjos at UFC 197 presser


Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor went on the offensive this evening as he came face-to-face with Rafael Dos Anjos for the first time ahead of UFC 197.

McGregor will attempt to make history on March 5 by becoming the first fighter to hold titles in two weight divisions simultaneously.

The man standing in his way is lightweight title holder Rafael Dos Anjos and the 27-year-old took his opportunity at the press conference in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to claim that his opponent had turned his back on his Brazilian heritage by living in the US.

"I am comparing you to a true Brazilian champion who I have already KO-ed. Just seeing the pride the Brazilians carried for Jose and the the pride Jose carried for the Brazilian people... it touched my heart," he said, sporting a new haircut and a colourful shirt instead of his usual three-piece suit and comparing himself to infamous Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán AKA 'El Chapo'.

"This is one of the reasons I wanted to give back to the county of Brazil. On March 5, i will behead Rafael Dos Anjos and I will drag his head through the streets of Rio de Janeiro to a parade of people.

"I see a true champion in Jose and his team and his beliefs and his belief of the Brazilian people and a man, although he is Brazilian, doesn't represent the Brazilian people like he should.

"He brings the name of Brazil down.

"I'm speaking Spanish, I'm dressed like El Chapo in his prime, I'm running this company like half a wiseguy, I'm up here verbally destroying this man, I'm a multicultural individual and I'm up here doing whatever I want.

"I feel he is very sloppy, his shot selection is very poor, he has a tenseness in his body when he loads, he will try to close the distance and enter into that pocket and he will taste some strikes very early.

"He a slower, sloppier, more stuffed version of Jose Aldo. It will be another KO. I would love to beat the ugly out of him and drag him into the second or third rounds.

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"I feel like I'm gonna dust him in under one minute."

In response to McGregor's prediction, Dos Anjos said: "I'm gonna have a chance to finish this fight in the first round but I won't. I'm going to punish him all the way to the third or the fourth. I'm going to make him bleed, he's going to pay for everything he is talking about."

McGregor was also asked if he would be remaining in America while he prepared for his latest fight but he confirmed his intention to stay at home.

"I'm here to collect the cheque, I fly back to Ireland tomorrow and I do my camp in beautiful Dublin, Ireland. Hard work, dedication, sacrifice, trust in my surroundings and then I will fly back to the west coast two weeks out.

"I come in here I cash cheques, I transfer them into Euro and head back to my home country with all the money."

McGregor was asked about the prospect of a stadium fight in Dublin in 2016 in either Croke Park or the Aviva Stadium.

He said: "I will get back to Dublin, we will do the show. It takes time... it's a marathon not a sprint.

"I look forward to one day having my home country lit up with a stadium show. It is a work in progress."

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