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'I stopped the fight at the proper time' - Referee from tragic Joao Carvalho MMA bout


MMA fighter Joao Carvalho. Facebook/Nobrega Team

MMA fighter Joao Carvalho. Facebook/Nobrega Team

MMA fighter Joao Carvalho. Facebook/Nobrega Team

The referee who officiated the welterweight contest between Charlie Ward and Joao Carvalho which resulted in the death of the Portuguese fighter has claimed the bout was stopped at the 'proper time'.

Some of the patrons in attendance at the Total Extreme Fighting 1 at the National Stadium, including Conor McGregor, felt the fight could have been brought to an end earlier.

Speaking to the Irish Daily Star, experienced ref Mariusz Domasat, was adamant that there was 'no reason' to step in sooner.

"If you watch the fight you see clearly there was no reason to stop the fight earlier.

"I stopped the fight when there was a reason to stop the fight, when the fighter wasn't willing to fight anymore, that's it.

"Everyone who has any idea about MMA knows the fight was stopped at the exact proper time.

"I am an experienced referee and part of the Irish Amateur Pankration Association of Safe MMA and I know what I am doing."

Two separate investigation into the tragedy are now underway.

Gardaí have confirmed they are investigating the death of the 28-year-old Portuguese athlete, and a file will be prepared for Dublin Coroner's Court. This is standard in all investigations involving sudden deaths.

Separately, the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has begun its own preliminary probe into the incident, to determine whether it should investigate further.

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Carvalho, 28, lost his fight for life in Beaumont Hospital three days after a technical knockout in a match at the National Stadium on Saturday.

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