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Conor McGregor set to return home for Christmas to luxurious €2m mansion


Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has even more reason for festive cheer as the new UFC featherweight champion is residing in a luxury €2m home.

The mixed martial arts star had been staying with his parents in their home in Lucan up until recently during his trips to Ireland, but will now be residing on the Ladycastle estate on the grounds of the K Club in Co. Kildare.

McGregor is expected to return home tomorrow and will be looking forward to moving into the luxurious mansion along with girlfriend Dee Devlin.

The Sunday World has highlighted the fleet of cars which surround the mansion.

A BMW i8 (€150,000), a 6.2-litre Cadillac Escalade (€120,000), a Range Rover (€168,000) and Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe (€182,000) takes pride on the grounds and the 27-year-old promised long-term girlfriend Dee that he would treat her for Christmas to a €250,000 custom Porsche Panamera.

‘The Notorious’ can expect to increase his earnings significantly over the next 12 months following his latest stunning success in Las Vegas where he defeated Jose Aldo.

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McGregor earned an estimated €11m in 2015 but industry experts believe his global appeal will add greatly to his worth over the coming year.

"The moment he landed the left hook that sent Aldo crashing to the mat, McGregor's net worth skyrocketed and he can expect to earn in the region of €15m in 2016, a 35pc increase on his total earnings last year,” Rob Pearson, PSG Sponsorship Account Director, told Independent.ie.

A rematch with Aldo and a potential fight with Frankie Edgar have been touted for McGregor, and he is expected to fight at least twice in 2016 which will earn him another €10-12m in prize and PPV money bringing his combined potential earnings to close to €15m.

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"If he fights three times in 2016," Pearson adds, "that figure could top €20m."

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