Friday 24 November 2017

Conor McGregor: Jose Aldo is a scared little man who was praying Chad Mendes would win

Conor McGregor appearing on ESPN
Conor McGregor appearing on ESPN
Will Slattery

Will Slattery

It only took one question during Conor McGregor’s first big interview as the UFC featherweight interim champion for the Dubliner to reintroduce himself into hype mode after a few weeks off.

“It is business as usual,” McGregor told ESPN’s Sportscenter show as he sat with his new belt draped over his shoulder.

Fans hoping to get a definitive date for McGregor’s unification fight with Jose Aldo were left disappointed, but he did discuss some of the potential options for the megabout.

“I am currently coaching Team Europe against Team USA on The Ultimate Fighter and in the meantime I am discussing the next move,” McGregor said.

“We are discussing 100,000-seater football stadiums across America. There are many options, there are many dates. We are also discussing Vegas.”

One of the venues that has been rumoured is Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, which can hold over 100,000. While that might seem to be a tough stadium to fill, McGregor was bullish on the amount of people he could draw.

“Dallas Stadium, there have been rumours over the years that the UFC will hold an event there if they can get a fighter of my magnitude, or a fighter of that magnitude that can generate them numbers,” he added.

“It has always been rumoured, but now they have me. Now we have the numbers and now is the time to strike on this if they are going to do it. But if it is there it is there, if it’s in Vegas it’s in Vegas. Make no mistake about it, it will be the biggest event in UFC history… as will every single fight that I am involved in from here on in."

McGregor also spoke at length about his spectacular knockout win over Chad Mendes at UFC 189, and particularly relished debunking the notion that the American had him in trouble before he put him on the canvas.

“To the naked eye, it seemed like a tough contest, and I get a giggle out of supposed experts in the field of fighting when they speak about his two-week training camp or his lack of preparation,” McGregor said.

“To the trained eye, you understand what you’re witnessing. You’re witnessing ruthless bodywork. I cracked him into his ribs and every time those shots dig in deep, they take rounds out of you.

“There is no coming back from clean bodywork, it can render you useless and that’s what happened. He came out, I butchered his body, I rearranged his intestines, I stayed safe on the bottom when we were in those positions, I elbowed the top of his crown, I done damage and remained efficient. Then I rose to my feet, went back to work on the body, then his body gave up at that time. Then I punched his jaw across his face.”

McGregor also threw another verbal grenade towards his next opponent, for good measure.

“I am now the world champion. You claim it’s the interim champion, but Jose went running. Jose’s a scared little man who did not show up to fight and sat under his covers, praying for Chad Mendes to win. His whole team were praying for Chad Mendes to win so he would not face me. But his prayers went unanswered and I dominated and won.”

See the interview below:

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