Wednesday 21 August 2019

"Aldo will knock the snot out of Conor McGregor, then I will punch him until he can't walk"

Conor McGregor in attendance at UFC Fight Night last weekend.
Conor McGregor in attendance at UFC Fight Night last weekend.

Tom Rooney

It’s hardly earth-shattering news that Conor McGregor has driven many of his contemporaries to distraction, but it seems as though the Dubliner has seriously angered one in particular.

During his 21-fight, near decade long stint with the UFC, the hirsute Clay Guida has endeared himself to fans with his erratic fighting style and genial demeanour.

However, during an interview for tomorrow’s UFC Fight Night 77 in Brazil, where he will face Thiago Tavares, the American broke from the norm as soon as Conor McGregor’s namely invariably came up.

In the past, Guida has stated that he would gladly fight the Dubliner, and use his wrestling prowess to bring him down a peg or two.

That scenario may yet materialise, though not for the foreseeable future, but he’s already planned in detail what he’ll do to the current interim featherweight champion.

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“I’m not talking about Conor McGregor,” said Guida. “Everyone else is. That guy doesn’t do nothing for me. Yeah, he can fight but he hasn’t fought anyone that was ready for a fight.

“He caught Chad Mendes on two weeks notice. You give someone like myself or Chad or Frankie (Edgar) a solid training camp and you won’t be talking about Conor McGregor any more.

“I think Aldo’s going to knock the snot out of him. I hope he leg kicks him so Conor can’t walk and, once Conor heals up, I’m going to kick him in the face until he can’t walk and punch and wrestle him until he don’t want to fight any more.”

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