Friday 27 April 2018

'Of all the athletes I've worked with, I've never seen anyone like Conor' - Nutrition expert amazed by McGregor

Conor McGregor training. Credit - @TheNotoriousMMA
Conor McGregor training. Credit - @TheNotoriousMMA

Jack O'Toole

Nutrition and Recovery expert Tom Coleman has said that he has never seen an athlete like Conor McGregor after working with the Dubliner ahead of his professional boxing debut with Floyd Mayweather Jr. this weekend.

Coleman, who has worked with a host of Ireland rugby internationals, has said that he has never seen an athlete perform and recover like McGregor and that the Dubliner is at his peak atheltically.

"I have worked with coaches, teams and individuals from a whole range of sports and never encountered an athlete with such a honed range of skills accompanied by the ability to recover and perform optimally," said Coleman, co-founder of MyNutrition Ireland.

"Conor will be faster than Floyd, science validates it.

"His reaction times willbe much faster. Reaction times correlate very well with age and peak around mid-to-late twenties.

"Conor is at his peak. After that they then start to decline, so Floyd is over 40 now. More complex reactions called “choice” reaction times decline even more rapidly, so Conor will have another advantage there as well.

"He is also physically bigger and stronger and can hit much harder. Again, muscle mass peaks around 30 so Conor has exceptional strength and knows how to deliver it. He will hurt Mayweather like nobody has done before.

“I’ve worked with a lot of finely tuned powerful athletes and have detailed data from these guys, Conor's data stands out among the elite. He is head and shoulders the best athlete I have ever worked with.”

Coleman's views were echoed by McGregor's coach John Kavanagh, who said that McGregor was in the best shape he'd ever seen in the nine years the pair have been working together.

"I've been with Conor a while," Kavanagh tweeted last month.

"This is the best physical condition I've ever seen him in. Unparalleled work ethic."

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