Saturday 17 March 2018

'He whimpers when he gets ripped' - Paul Malignaggi discusses what happened during McGregor sparring sessions

A leaked photo from the McGregor camp showed Paul Malignaggi on the canvas
A leaked photo from the McGregor camp showed Paul Malignaggi on the canvas

Harry Clarke

Former two-weight world boxing champion Paul Malignaggi says he regrets agreeing to spar with Conor McGregor and has promised to reveal everything about the training sessions with the Notorious this week.

Malignaggi quit the McGregor training camp earlier this week because he was unhappy with leaked photographs with one snap showing him on the canvas and McGregor claiming to have knocked him down.

Malignaggi refuted that claim, saying it was a push down and subsequently walked away.

Now the current boxing commentator has promised to reveal what really happened during his sessions with McGregor as he has not been paid, thus making any confidentiality agreement void.

Malignaggi sent numerous tweets overnight discussing how he dished out an "ass beating" to McGregor and, again, questioned why the McGregor camp only leaked photos that reflected well on the Irishman.

Here are just some of Malignaggi's comments about McGregor.

On what he will discuss:

"Yea but this coming week I'll actually start to discuss a bit what happened Tuesday, he whimpers like a girl when he gets ripped to body lol."

On previous praise for McGregor:

"Truthfully I was tryin hard 2 not make him look bad but if u listen 2 me b4, the praise is hollow, there wasn't much substance 2 that praise."

On whether he will discuss McGregor's tactics:

"I won't speak tactics of his, that I wouldn't do, I still have some ethics I'm not Conor but def will give the story straight about stuff."

On the "ass whoopping" he gave him:

"I did that after Tues work, I suppose the ass whippin didn't suit him so he posted dumb pics again by Thurs while skipping sparring that day."

When asked if McGregor gave him a tough session, he said:

"I wouldn't say that, a guy who's been retired 4 months n jus got back in  gym 2 spar with him was kickin his ass by second sparring sesh lol."

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