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WWE Summerslam: Jon Stewart turns on John Cena while Sheamus claims a decisive victory


The action at last night's WWE Summerslam pay-per-view certainly lived up to its massive billing but the event as a whole was greatly undermined by a series of strange finishes, most notably the interference by host Jon Stewart in the "Winner Takes All' title match.

WWE champion Seth Rollins and United States title-holder John Cena served up a wrestling clinic in their title versus title scrap but it was the former Daily Show presenter who provided an unusual finishing touch.

With the match in the melting pot and both wrestlers struggling to their feet after a gripping sequence of exchanges, Stewart sprinted to the ring, chair in hand, and proceeded to slam Cena to the mid-section, allowing Rollins to pick up the pin-fall victory.

It was a truly bizarre conclusion to a stellar match and while people will no doubt be talking about the twist for days to come, it made little sense and left fans angered further by the erratic booking of Rollins during his stop-start reign as champion.

In the main event of the evening, which pitted the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar in a match 'too big for Wrestlemania', both competitors knocked their Wrestlemania 30 clash out of the park, but again it was let down by a mystifying ending.

The Beast looked to have the Phenom's number when he applied the Kimura Lock but the bell was inexplicably rang before he tapped out.

When referee Charles Robinson resumed the match, The Deadman low blowed the former UFC heavyweight champion, applied Hell's Gate and Lesnar went to the land of nod as Heyman sounded the bell and claimed victory for his advocate.

The WWE's biggest party of the summer could have fully justified its Wrestlmania-esque marketing if it hadn't been for the two botched conclusions but nonetheless it was an unforgettable night for our Irish grapplers.

Mr Money in the Bank Sheamus scored a decisive victory over Randy Orton while Becky Lynch, in her WWE pay-per-view debut, was part of the winning team in a three-way tag team bout.

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