Monday 19 March 2018

WATCH: US Woman accidentally drowns tortoise after mistaking it for a turtle

Sarah-Jane Murphy

Turtles swim, tortoises don't.

It's a simple yet, in this case, a vital distinction.

A video of a US woman throwing a gopher tortoise into water has gone viral, as instead of saving the animal, she accidentally killed it.

On the video the woman speaks to the camera, offering what she thinks are words of wisdom.

"So here's a little note to self - If anyone runs into a turtle, save it. Don't just leave it on the road...turtle saving is a hobby.

The woman then proceeds to throw the tortoise into the water.

YouTubers were quick to share the video and point out the catastrophic error made by the female in question.

"Note to self - learn the difference between a turtle and a tortoise....oh and get a new hobby," one person wrote.

"Yeah they can't swim, they sink like rocks," another commenter said.

You live and learn.

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