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WATCH: Portlaoise woman gets Louis Van Gaal to say 'C'mon the Town'

A Portlaoise woman has earned over 70,000 hits after recording Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal supporting her local GAA team

Speaking to Independent.ie, Catherine Doyle said that it was a 'spur of the moment thing'.

Doyle was over at Old Trafford for Manchester United's match against West Brom with her son and nephew when she seized her opportunity.

She explained that the avid football fans "usually go around the back to meet the players" but that the players had left early. Van Gaal instead came out to see supporters.

"We met him last year and I had the feeling he'd be up for the craic... he's very warm, very affable, he speaks to everyone.

"He came up to say hello and I just asked him.. he obviously didn't know what it meant (but) I knew he would do it."

Doyle explains that she wanted to lift spirits in her local area after a tough time for the team and the supporters.

"In the Portlaoise Club there's been a few deaths.... I just wanted to post it before the match to give everyone a boost.

"I can't believe the reaction... I thought it would just be a local thing. If it cheers people up, that's the main thing."

Doyle told Independent.ie that she was sitting beside two men from Dundalk on the flight back to Ireland, who informed her that "C'mon the Town" is their slogan too.

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"They were playing this weekend too... I think that's part of the reason it went so mad!

"They won and we won aswell... so everyone is happy!"

The video, which was posted to the Portlaoise GAA Club Facebook page, has been viewed over 70,000 times since it was uploaded yesterday.

Portlaoise reached the last four of the Leinster football championship yesterday after a 2-5 to 0-10 win over Sarsfield's of Kildare.

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