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Watch: Giant Alligator interrupts celebrity golf invitational


Photo - Instagram - Johnny Haithcock

Photo - Instagram - Johnny Haithcock

Photo - Instagram - Johnny Haithcock

A giant alligator has interrupted a South Carolina celebrity golf invitational on Monday after meandering its way across the golf course during the middle of play.

The alligator was photographed at The River Course on Kiawah Island, per ABC News, as it snuck up on players participating in the Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic's 10th Annual Celebrity Golf Invitational.

Players were mystified as the alligator snuck up behind golfers during the middle of their round, before the players quickly sped away on their respective golf buggies.

The prospect of alligators interrupting play seem to be a fairly common occurrence on Kiawah Island, with a different alligator appearing on the same day at Ospreys Point, just over six kilometres away from the River Course.

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