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Viral video of the 2014 sporting year - Courageous young Irish Celtic fan (10) leaves lasting impression on his hero


Great friends: Giorgio Samaras and Jay Beatty

Great friends: Giorgio Samaras and Jay Beatty

Great friends: Giorgio Samaras and Jay Beatty

It was the video that tugged at the heartstrings the most in 2014.

It is clear that Celtic fan Jay Beatty and Greece striker Giorgios Samaras have a special relationship and both endeared themselves to the world during this year's World Cup in Brazil.

Samaras carried 11-year-old Jay Beatty from Armagh, who suffers from Down's Syndrome, around Parkhead for Celtic's lap of honour after winning the SPL in May. The pair had met at a friendly game Celtic has played in Ireland.

After viewing a video of Jay cheering him on during Greece's game with the Ivory Coast, Samaras was moved.

He told press conference: "“This boy gives me so much strength, it’s incredible.

“There are no words. I feel his love so much. This love I feel, is also felt by many people in Greece. There’s a Facebook page for him to come to Brazil.”

“This morning, in a talk I had with the head of the EPO, we said we will arrange his tickets to come and watch the match with Costa Rica. Well will talk with the boy’s father, we’ll tell him about everything and we’ll see.”

Unfortunately, Jay couldn't make it to Brazil but his response to Samaras would melt the coldest of hearts. Jay was honoured at a star-studded ceremony in the Greek capital of Athens a few weeks ago.

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