Saturday 16 December 2017

Video: Venezuela's Cesar Martinez casually makes the ball levitate for his goal celebration

Cesar Martínez of Venezuelan side Zamora appears to make the ball levitiate
Cesar Martínez of Venezuelan side Zamora appears to make the ball levitiate

Sean Gibson

When Cesar Martinez opened the scoring for Zamora late on in their game against Caracas few would have expected him to bring the ball to life, as well as the Primera division game.

But the Venezuelan promptly picked up the football and made it levitate several feet off the floor. Magic.

We have no idea either how he was doing it.

Martinez's teammates make for an excitable participating audience, checking to make sure Martinez isn't using any wire or string or rope.

Users on Reddit, in their infinite wisdom, postulated several theories as to the method in the Martinez madness.

Everything from string and tape to static electricity and demons was trotted out as a possible explanation, but we've yet to see irrefutable proof it wasn't just a bit of off-the-cuff magic.

There have also been rumours that this will now be included as a goal celebration in the FIFA 17 video game – but can you imagine any button combination that could possibly do justice to such sorcery?

The only thing about this that we can say with any conviction is that Martínez is clearly one of those players who won't track back when his team is defending a 1-0 lead.

And goodness only knows how they tolerate him on the training ground.

Saddest of all, this general cobblers detracts from what was actually quite a smart volleyed finish by the lad.

Perhaps this is it, though. Perhaps this Venezuelan Primera division match will be the great departure point in history – where society cries 'Enough!', casts aside doubt once and for all, and finally begins to understand and appreciate the majestic reality of magic.

Here's hoping. You heard it here first.

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