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Video: There is nothing better than an injury time goal from a goalkeeper


Fabio Coltorti reacts with delight

Fabio Coltorti reacts with delight

Fabio Coltorti reacts with delight

The business end of the season is well under way now and, for the next couple of months, desperate times will frequently call for desperate measures.

Football's most desperate measure of all remains the novel spectacle of a goalkeeper venturing forward to the opposition penalty area for a last-gasp set-piece.

You'll be familiar with the occasional thrill by now - Peter Schmeichel scoring in vain against Rotor Volgograd in the UEFA Cup, Paul Robinson's glancing League Cup header for Leeds United and, of course, Jimmy Glass's Hollywood script of a last-gasp, relegation-defying winner for Carlisle in 1999.

The latest extra-curricular contribution from a member of the Goalkeeper' Union was in the 2.Bundesliga - Germany's second tier - as RB Leipzig desperately sought to keep their promotion hopes alive at home to fellow Bundesliga hopefuls Darmstad 98.

Having gone 1-0 down, the Red Bulls' dreams of top-flight football were hanging by a thread but, after an equaliser 11 minutes from time, the match was to have one final twist.

Up went Swiss goalkeeper Fabio Coltorti, the Darmstad defence briefly considered marking him and then - defying all laws of football narrative - decided against it, leaving him with the freedom of the six-yard box. Coltorti's winner, though, was no hit-and-hope effort. Trapping the ball from Omer Damari's knockdown with a first touch befitting an in-form striker, Coltorti contorted himself 180 degrees to fire home a dramatic winner.

RB Leipzig are now three points behind Darmstad in the race for a place in the playoffs for promotion to Germany's top tier, and they have an unlikely figure to thank for keeping them in with a shout.

Have a look at the goal below:

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