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Video: Non-league winger's showboat skills rewarded with sweeping no-nonsense tackle


Today is a good day because the beauty of non-league football has been perfectly encapsulated in one video, with this excellent foul in a match between two teams in the German seventh tier.

 In the video, the protagonist - a tricky winger who will remain anonymous partly as a respect of his privacy and mostly because I don't know who he is - attempts to pull off some silky dribbling skills against a full back.

Drawing on special moves he appears to have acquired from playing too much FIFA, he executes a series of pointless step overs and random kicks to the side of the ball which do absolutely nothing to prevent the opposing defenders from foiling his evil plan to dribble past them. In his head, he is Ronaldo. In reality, he is... [insert a bad player's name here].

Curiously, the speed with which the winger moves his feet seems to send the full back into a hypnotic trance. Statue-esque, he is merely an observer as his team-mate runs in to end the nonsense, clearly annoyed by how badly these skills are being performed.

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