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VIDEO: Mayo GAA fans have a bit of fun after semi-final clash


Two videos being shared on Facebook show Mayo fans having a bit of fun following their semi-final clash with Dublin.

The first clip in the above video captured elated Mayo fans having a bit of fun at the toll booth on the way back from the capital.

Mayo's late comeback obviously excited fans as those driving back to the West showed their colours at the toll booth.

A number of cars heading through the tolls began beeping in support and suddenly every car going through the toll was beeping in unison.

Journalist with the Western People, Marian Duggan, captured a clip of the excitement on her phone and shared it on her Facebook Page.

Watch above.

Kevin McDonnell shared the second clip, which shows a group of red-and-green clad fans singing 'The Green And Red Of Mayo' out of the windows of a painted car driving through the streets near Croke Park following the match.

McDonnell wrote on his Facebook page that he is "absolutely stunned this morning" as his video hit 50,000 views on the social networking site.

The friends' car is pictured above, decked out in the county colours. Posting the pic online, McDonnell wrote "never say die when Mayo play the Dubs!"

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Speaking to Independent.ie, McDonnell added "Mayo for Sam!"

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