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Video: Manchester United star Robin van Persie scores again..this time with a shark!


Manchester United striker Robin Van Persie has been spending his off-season holiday deep sea fishing with his kids (his kids are with them, he's not using them as bait) and was delighted to catch a shark without even trying.

Van Persie revealed on his Facebook page that his children had been desperate to go out into open waters to try and catch living aquatic treasures and so was very pleased with the amount of animals he managed to kidnap from the sea.

Van Persie's video shows the epic ocean battle he faced against his shark nemesis, eventually luring it to the top of the water armed only with his cunning, a fishing rod and muscles. And another person.

Linked with a transfer to Fenerbahce this summer, fans of the Turkish club flocked to his Facebook page to request that he join them and will be left REELING if he doesn't take the BAIT. Something about fish.

Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh my god wooow unbelievable!

Posted by Robin van Persie on Thursday, 25 June 2015

One generous fan called Christoper S. Shaw even came up with a great way to retain Van Persie's services at Manchester United, writing:

"Give me the head of the fish let me cook for you a delicious soup so that after eating you may have the desire to stay."

That's the thing with modern footballers - they don't need flash cars, money or fame. A soup made from the head of a fish is more than enough and the sooner players like Raheem Sterling learn to articulate this, the better the world will become.

Bye Bye Shark.