Friday 23 February 2018

Video: Locals not happy as football pitch built with giant tree stuck in the middle

JJ Bull

A village in north-west Romania has found itself at the centre of ridicule after spending £12,700 on a brand new football pitch and leaving an enormous oak tree in the middle of it.

The Daily Mirror reports construction on the pitch had already begun in 2012 when residents of the village campaigned to save the 150 year old tree, forcing builders to finish the job around the obstacle.

The mayor was quick to justify the decision, utilising levels of spin not seen since Malcolm Tucker became trapped inside a washing machine:

The field serves the 200 pupils of the local school in Tonciu, but anyone who wants to play football is welcome. We consider the oak tree to be a unique and special one."

Those who use the pitch have revealed that even though the fence, turf and floodlights are very welcome features, the absolutely massive tree makes running down the wings problematic:

"It’s hopeless, how can you play a proper match with a bloody great tree on one side of the pitch? What a silly decision to keep it."

Players of 5-a-side in tree-less environments will be familiar with those frustrating renegades of sporting justice who utilise the walls for one-twos with themselves and it begs the question as to whether this tree might offer a similar advantage for those savvy enough to take it. Based on this and its consistency in breaking up attacks on the wing, Brendan Rodgers is believed to be considering a £20million bid.

Pictures of the tree have since appeared all over social media and led the mayor to concede that the village may now reconsider the decision to leave the tree where it is, since nothing on earth is more powerful than pressure caused by people on Twitter.

You can watch a video of kids playing on the pitch below.

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