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Video: Jordan Henderson and Lucas Leiva go undercover as Liverpool club shop assistants


Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson

Liverpool players Jordan Henderson and Lucas Leiva have taken part in a funny wee video on the club's YouTube channel, in which they pretend to be club shop assistants.

Dressed in bizarre party shop wig and hat, Lucas quickly learns that nobody actually seems to know who he is as he genuinely helps an unwitting customer make an actual purchase.

Displaying a similarly natural aptitude for retail, Jordan Henderson fares slightly better in the fame stakes despite the Clark Kent effect his glasses bring. One fan does a quadruple take upon spotting the Liverpool midfielder, eventually forcing him to reveal his true identity and take a photo.

 The best is yet to come though, as Henderson and Leiva offer reduced price shirts with their names on the back. Even the low cost of £5 isn't enough to persuade one lady, and so both players offer to sign the shirts with Lucas having to identify himself to every single person he talks to.

While Henderson wins the recognisability points, Lucas wins the annoying a customer points, by telling one man he isn't allowed to have an Everton bag in the Liverpool club shop. The gent reacts as many would, which is angrily, because he doesn't recognise Lucas is.

Watch below:

In a similar scenario which hasn't made the video, permanent Liverpool reserve player Fabio Borini is relieved that no customers realise his true identity since he's already fairly embarrassed that he genuinely works in the club shop now and isn't doing it as a prank. Apparently he's the fifth best salesperson there at the moment but hopes to be a first choice till operator within the year.

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