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Tralee man 'proposes' to victorious Katie Taylor - with handpainted flag


An Irishman living in South Korea attended Katie Taylor's semi and final bouts in order to ask her a very special question.

Kenneth Quillinan has been working in Daegu, South Korea as a university instructor since 2010, and used the AIBA World Elite lightweight championship to take a chance with the boxer.

He showed up with an Irish flag with the words 'Please Marry Me' handpainted on it - with a post-script that read 'Is that OK, Peter?' - referring to Taylor's father.

Speaking to Independent.ie, Quillinan said Taylor took the proposal very well.

"She was an absolute pleasure... she laughed at the flag, as did her dad"

"She said I should be down on one knee if I am proposing, but I told her I had a bad knee!"

She may not have said yes but Taylor did give Quillinan something to remember her by.

"She gave me the bouquet of flowers to keep and...we got a few photos".

"I think it is about time Katie, her dad and the rest of her team get more recognition for everything they have done for the country to date".

Quillinan might not have headed back to work in Daegu with a fiancée but he did get to try on Katie's medal for size.

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"It was fantastic to meet an Irish sporting legend....She was an absolute pleasure".



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