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'This could not be happening again' - Irish boxer foils two robberies in one afternoon


Sean McComb

Sean McComb

Sean McComb

European bronze medallist Sean McComb had quite an eventful afternoon in Belfast and has been hailed as a hero after foiling two robberies in one day.

The two-time national champion told Belfast Live how both incidents occurred within 30 minutes of each other.

The first happened while he was working for Belfast City Sightseeing Tours when a co-worker pointed out that a woman had just had her handbag stolen.

"It was early on this morning. I was just standing outside city hall working for City Sightseeing Belfast and some girl was standing waiting on her bus just across the street.

"Then I just saw everybody pointing up the street shouting: 'That guy stole her purse, that guy stole her purse!'

"I just saw him hiding behind a door.

"He dropped the purse: My colleague lifted it and I kept going because I knew he'd have taken the money out of it.

"The woman was delighted to get the purse back: Her bank card and pin number were in the purse so he could have went to the bank machine and cleared her out."

If that wasn't enough excitement for one day, he was called into action moments later when a man had his mobile phone snatched from his hand.

"I was walking up the town with some customers, and we were coming back down I saw a man running in the front of city hall.

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"I saw all my colleagues pointing and pointing - I thought to myself 'No way, this could not be happening again'.

"A colleague said: 'Run up that way'. And I said, 'No there's no point it'll be gone'.

"I just started sprinting up after him, grabbed him by the hood and I got the phone back."

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