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The 'Mayo For Sam' train gains momentum as excitement for replay mounts



The 'Mayo For Sam' campaign is picking up steam again ahead of Saturday's replay semi-final against Dublin.

A late comeback 'from the dead' for Mayo has buoyed supporters who are pushing the 'Mayo For Sam' campaign once again on social media.

Among the supporters snapped this year on the ' Mayo for Sam' Facebook page are rugby legend Paul O' Connell, ex-liverpool players Robbie Fowler, Jason McAteer and Dietmar Hamann and fictional film character Ted.

In previous years, the 'Mayo for Sam' campaign has featured people jumping out of airplanes, green and red cars and famous people around the world holding up 'Mayo 4 Sam' signs.

The Connaught Telegraph reported that in advance of last week's match, supporters were dying their pets green and red.

The LaundroMutt in Castlebar was dying people's four-legged friends the county colours to show their support for the team. The service is being offered free with every groom as long as Mayo stay in the running for Sam, and all dyes used are pet-safe, non-toxic and patch tested.


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