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Rugby giant Tony Buckley was ready to take on armed burglars who robbed his mother's house


Tony Buckley in action for Ireland in 2011

Tony Buckley in action for Ireland in 2011


Tony Buckley in action for Ireland in 2011

Former Munster and Ireland prop Tony Buckley almost walked in on burglars who ransacked his mother's house... they were the lucky ones.

The 34-year-old was one of the biggest men playing rugby on the planet during his playing days, weighing in at 21 stone and standing 6ft 5in in height.

The former Munster fan favourite walked into his mother's house in Newmartket, Co Cork on Saturday afternoon unaware that five men were inside.

He told the Irish Sun that he would have tackled the men regardless of what weapons they were brandishing.

"My mother left the house at around 4.30pm on Saturday afternoon to go into town," he said.

"she actually saw a fella in a car who looked strange and she turned back to see him and lost him.

"So she carried on, and in the half hour she was out, they broke in and wrecked the house.

"We figured out when all this was happening, I called to the house and they would have been inside. I usually go round the back to get in but figured she was out walking with my nephew so I didn't.

"If I had gone round to them there would have been no escape route. They would have had weapons, hammers and screwdrivers, but I would have given it my best shot."

Buckley revealed that the Heineken Cup medal he won with Munster was very nearly nabbed.

"They're taking cash and what they can but they got some of my rugby medals," he added.

"I gave my mother my Munster Senior Cup medal for Shannon, she used to wear it around her neck on a gold chain.

"Luckily they just missed my Heineken Cup medal that was in a drawer they didn't check."

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